How it works


Step 1: 

To place an order, sign up for an account with all your details and those of your horse(s). Here you fill out all the requested information we need for the measuring of the herbal mix or any other measurement. Every new horse or pony we welcome is received with a free feed measurement and advice worth €25,-.


Step 2: 

Then you order a product, measurement or herbal mix based on the height of your horse or pony. For example, a 1.60m horse gets a mix of 600 grams, which will last you for about 5 weeks. The mix usually contains between 3 and 6 types of herbs. It comes in a sturdy pocket with a sticker on which the contents and any nutritional advice can be read.


Step 3:

 After receiving the order of a measurement or herbal mix, we measure what your horse needs within 1 to 4 working days. The herbal mix is composed individually for your horse and mixed in our 'herbal warehouse'. With the herbal mix, you also get advice on supplements: different forms of magnesium, vitamins, some types of oils, etc. Some of these supplements will be included in the herbal mix, others you can purchase from us or elsewhere. You will receive the results of a measurement via the WhatsApp or by mail. Orders of products will be delivered in 1 to 2 working days.


Step 4: 

With some horses you already see changes after a few weeks; with other horses it will take longer, depending on the severity and complexity of the problems. The choice of herbs gives an indication of what your horse needs in support of the problem; you can read about it in the Herbal Wiki on the website. The herbal mix will change after 4-5 weeks, so after 5 weeks the horse is ready for a new combination of herbs and regularly chooses other supplements or doesn’t choose any more supplements at all. When your herbal mix is running out (3 to 5 days remaining) you order a new one so you can continue without running out completely.