Welcome to HorseFoodie

How am I ?

My name is Bibian de Kler.  I’m the founder of HorseFoodie, because I came across more and more horses with physical and mental issues. That’s why I’ve started to study more about nutrition and what food can do for a horse. I specialize in herbs and for this I have obtained the necessary certificates at Horsecomplete. I am now officially distributor of Horsecomplete in Belgium.

You can find on this website all information about the nutrition and herbs.  And of course more specifically about the herbs I use for the composition of the herb mixes.  Nutrition is a very important part to keep your horse healthy. Therefore, the right nutrition is essential.

Besides the herb mixes, I also follow the "Chris Irwin Insight".  With these fantastic way I learn how to deal with horses. And this in the same way that horses communicate with each other.  From the end of 2020 I will also be teaching in this.

Horses have been my dream and passion since my childhood. I've been working with horses for years and have learned a great deal over the years and I’m  still learning by keeping up-to-date and following new courses.  My goal is to help horses improve their health. And also to make people more aware of how to do this the best way with help of herbal mixes, nutrition and training.

Happy Horse = Happy Human